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The Open secrets of Fortune 500 to build ‘Asia Silicon Valley’ will be revealed. 
Do you feel that market is very slow, your business is not as profitable and have no clue how to grow them?

As Business Owners, you are entitled to feel a sense of pride in "going against the tide" and launching a self-driven, innovation-laden business venture. 

That being said, the fact remains that you really cannot expect your venture to take off unless it is adequately funded

We have came to observe a common trend of what causes business owners to stay stuck in an owner-reliant business and never succeed in scaling their business.
There is a difference between how some business owners are able to grow their businesses by 50 percent or more per year, year-on- year, while other business owners struggle just to maintain the status quo, working long hours with no sense of freedom.

Consider These Stats:
Over 50% of small businesses that commenced in 2011 failed within the first four years, and only 3% were able to get into the fifth year.
Only about 30% of all small businesses can break even while another 30% end up losing money almost continually.

This pattern of those entrepreneurs who get stuck in the “self-employment trap” boils down to a few excuses.

Are You Facing These Problems Too?
Problem 1 - "I don't have the money"

In any business, one of the most important elements for success is funding. What do you do when you don’t have enough cash flow to sustain your business? 

More often than not, to keep costs low, do you realise you are trapped in your business - overseeing multiple roles - Strategies, HR, Operations, Marketing and Sales. 

The list goes on and on…… It is almost impossible to find time on Business Strategy Planning, family or the least fall sick!

Problem 2 - “I can’t find the right talent”

Talent management is defined as the anticipation of required human capital for
an organisation and the planning required to meet such needs. An often heard sentiment among employers in Singapore is that it is becoming increasingly difficult for SMEs to recruit and retain top talent.

Rising labour costs, a limited pool of local highly-skilled labour and attracting and retaining younger workers were among the top HR challenges listed by firms, according to the National Business Survey 2017/2018 by the Singapore Business Federation. 

Of those surveyed, about 84% of respondents were SMEs, while the rest were large firms. Yet, the challenge of hiring, training and retaining labour in a manpower-lean economy is no stranger to all.

THERE is an adage in business that people leave managers, not companies. Attracting and retaining good talent will remain a perennial issue for local businesses, big and small. 

When companies don't have a 'brand' yet to sell the job, the duty falls on the founders / evangelists (you) to actively sell the role. You'll need to understand what each particular candidate is looking for.

Tapping on the right tech tools - like HR data analytics - can give companies a much-needed advantage when recruiting in an increasingly competitive marketplace. 

However, most SMEs and startups don't possess the large financial resources required to procure these services - most of which come with a hefty price tag attached.
Problem 3 - “I don’t know how to do a proper business plan to raise funds”
Do you want to expand your business, be more competitive in your industry or achieve certain goals? If you answered yes to any of the above, you need a business plan!
A business cannot be funded by free cash flows alone, and must seek external funding. 
A thorough and well-researched business plan:

 Shows that you’re serious about your business
 Helps investors to understand your business idea
 Shows your predicted profits and income streams.
If you're seeking finance for your business, you'll need to show investors why they should invest in your business. 

Investors will only risk their time and money if they're confident that your business will be successful and profitable.
Problem 4 - “I don’t know how to scale my business”

When your business has reached a certain scale, you may realise that you need knowledge and skills beyond product development, like how to tap on financial resources, and how to inspire people to sustain and grow the business.

The bottomline: 
It is never too late to learn. 
PIF Capital will provide you with a broader set of skills to overcome business challenges and stay competitive.
Problem 5 - “I don't have the right connections”
Between company websites and LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social media platforms, you can reach almost anyone besides the Pope and maybe Bono. 
In fact, some people are surprisingly accessible (maybe that's one of the secrets of their success?).
Even these big brands like Grab and PropertyGuru are using Capital Wisdom to attract investors and expand your Business Empire faster
What is PIF Capital
PIF Capital is a one-stop Capital Resource platform, curated just for SME Business Owners to transform their businesses to an A+ company by equipping them with the right skills to achieve holistic growth via the ecosystem

We mentor SMEs Business Owners the secrets of Capital Mechanism, transform their businesses to becoming the Asia of "Unicorns of Silicon Valley”.

As a savvy business owner, i’m sure it is your dream of expanding your business empire; taking your business to greater heights.

Stop finding excuses and start acquiring the right skills from PIF Capital now! 
In the 3 hours event, you will learn the following:
 Unlock your Wisdom in Capital Market
 Develop a bankable and scalable business model
 Create your business roadmap and achieving your goals within 3-5 years
 Uncover the secrets of raising funds from all type of investors.
 Build an able director and management team to help you with your long term business growth
Who is Jonathan and Grace?
Jonathan, a serial entrepreneur, founded Supreme Floors. Within a span of 5 years, it overcame 30 competitors and became the No. 1 in Retail Wood Flooring product in Singapore with over 100 employees. A winner & recipient of the Singapore Prestige Brands Awards (SPBA) in both 2007 & 2008, Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Award (2009) and Spirit of Enterprise Award (2014).

Jonathan has evolved and started a new business venture as a Top Notch Business Coach, he is specialise to train, advise & lead company owners to becoming industry leaders in their own fields. A Co-founder of PIF Capital - Singapore’s No. 1 SME Capital Resources Platform which transform mediocre SMEs to A+ companies by curating bespoke events such as Mastering Capital Wisdom (MCW) events, matchmaking matured SMEs with investors to raise capital, and preparing them for IPO.

Grace, a consummate professional with ACCA qualifications, also a co-founder of Supreme Floors - Singapore’s premier retail wood flooring, displayed her entrepreneur streak in Finance. Under her helm, she spearheaded and led the management strategies in term of sales expansion & distribution around the world.

Grace has risen to becoming a “POP” (Psychology Of Potential) speaker, counselling entrepreneurs and unlocking their full potentials to achieving remarkable feats not limited to their performance, skillsets, but also realising the greatness in them. She was admired by many for her guidance which led to the success and uplift of profitability for the businesses.

Delivered more than 500 events for over 3 years... training more than 600 business owners and entrepreneurs (and counting!), to transforming their businesses to a new height.
More Information About Your Organizer: PIF Capital
Jonathan & Grace winning the Singapore Prestige Brand Award 
two years in a row (2007 & 2008)
Jonathan & Grace receiving their Spirit Of Enterprise 2014 award
Jonathan & Grace specially invited to share the stage with Robert Kiyosaki
You Could Be Our Next Success Stories…. 
"PIF was able to instill pinpoint professional advice and valuable knowledge on many aspects of my business that even I was unaware of.  Jonathan and Grace are really sincere in 
supporting us to make a breakthrough in my business."

Lisa Zou
CEO, Tong Chiang Group
(Known as the "Acquisition Queen" who has acquired more than 10 companies in the F&B Industry)
"I have been in the advertising industry for 24 years in China. PIF has broken my traditional belief for the past 24 years by making me realise that the road towards IPO is no longer just a dream, as long as my business plan and business model is done professionally."

Li Bin
CEO,Ever Shining 
(An experienced Entrepreneur from China who build his 
Advertising Business in Singapore and Malaysia)

"I must say that after participating in PIF’s activities, I am able to look at our business at a different angle. We must really thank Grace and Jonathan for exposing us in different directions."

Lance Tang
CEO, Dancepointe Academy
(Has 10 state-of-the-art schools serving in Singapore)
Our Entrepreneur Ecosystem (600+ Members)
"SMEs, you can give them capital, but what they often need as
much is mentoring, advice and help with their business plan.

-Karen Mills, US Small Business Adminstrator
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